Twitter begins to introduce Super Follows feature and also testing Safe Mode

According to the latest report, Twitter today introduces two new features such as Super Follows (A new way for users to generate revenue) and Safe Mode (To curb abuse and toxic comments). Below you can check the complete information about these two new features.

Super Follows Feature

Twitter’s Super Follows feature is now running on iOS devices in some regions. Like Onlyfans, Super Follows is a new way for Twitter users to earn monthly income by sharing subscription content with fans. Twitter hopes that this service will attract activists, journalists, musicians, content curators, writers, etc., but their tolerant attitude towards adult content may mean a very different customer base.

With Super Follows, users can set a monthly subscription fee of $2.99, $4.99, or $9.99 to obtain bonuses and behind-the-scenes content for the most engaged fans on Twitter. Followers can get additional special access to their unfiltered ideas, early previews, and conversations only available to subscribers from their favorite accounts.

Creators can find and interact with their Super Follows users by looking for the Super Follows user badge. These public badges will be highlighted under the name of their Super Follows user when they reply to a creator’s tweet.

Currently, only a small number of applicants in the United States can create a Super Follows subscription. People can slide the sidebar of the Home timeline, click Monetization, and then select Super Follows to continue to apply to join the waiting list to create a Super.

Follows subscription. Applicants need to have 10,000 or more followers, be at least 18 years old, have posted 25 tweets in the past 30 days, live in the United States and follow Twitter’s super-following policy.

Users who want to subscribe have to click the Super Follow button on the account profile to see the description of their paid products and prices. If you are interested, click again to subscribe via in-app payment. When Super Follow someone, you will see content for subscribers only on your timeline, and the user can unsubscribe at any time in the iOS App Store subscription settings.

At present, Super Follows users have special access to subscriber-only tweets. In the future, there will be more functions similar to Super Follow-only Spaces, newsletters, selection of different subscription levels provided by creators, and anonymous subscriptions.

Now, iOS users in the United States and Canada can select an account through Super Follows. In the next few weeks, Twitter will be launched to users around the world who use the iOS system. Creators can only share Super Follows Tweets on iOS and view Super Follows Tweets on iOS. Android and will also be launched soon.

Safe Mode Feature

To curb toxic comments and unprovoked abuse, Twitter recently began testing a new feature called Safe Mode. After activation, it will switch to an algorithmic screening process to filter out potential abuse that lasts for seven days. Jarrod Doherty, head of Twitter product, said: Our goal is to better protect individuals who receive tweets by reducing the prevalence and visibility of harmful speech.

At this stage, Twitter will not promote the safety model, and will first provide it to the small feedback group with about 1,000 English-speaking users. When deciding which content to block, Twitter’s algorithmic approach evaluates the content of a tweet—hateful language, repetitive, unauthorized mentions—and the relationship between an account and a reply account. The company pointed out that the accounts you follow or frequently exchange tweets will not be affected by the blocking function in safe mode.

For anyone in the test group, the safe mode can be turned on in the privacy and security options. Once activated, an account will remain in this mode for the next seven days. After the seven-day period has passed, it can be activated again. When designing this new feature, Twitter said it communicated with experts in mental health, cybersecurity, and human rights. Partners consulted by Twitter can contribute to the initial test group by nominating accounts that may benefit from this feature.

The company hopes to focus on female journalists and marginalized communities in testing new products. Twitter said it will begin to reach out to accounts that meet the test group’s criteria-accounts that often find themselves on the receiving end of some of the platform’s worst impulses.

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