Battlefield Mobile pre-registration opens the first round of testing to come later

Battlefield 2042 is not the only game under development in the series. Battlefield Mobile is an independent game for iOS and Android platforms and is currently undergoing pre-registration in certain regions. Just like a typical Battlefield series game experience, Battlefield Mobile will allow you to participate in an epic army-scale war while participating in iconic modes, such as conquest mode.

It will feature a variety of customizable weapons and vehicles, and when it comes to scene destruction in the game, even though it is a mobile game, they will not degrade the quality. Pre-registration will first be launched in the Philippines and Indonesia, but more regions will be added over time. Game testing will also be available in the next few months, and the first test will be launched for Android devices later this fall.

The official also introduced how to enter the game test: Once the game is available in your area, you can pre-register on the local Google Play Store page. When the game test starts in your area, you will automatically receive a notification. Test. Time is limited, so those pre-registered players are not guaranteed to be able to test the game, but you will be notified about subsequent versions. Please note that this test is only an invitation, but there are server registration restrictions, first come first served.

Battlefield Mobile will be a free game with paid decorations. It will also include battle passes and various other unlockable items, but the details are still being kept secret. Battlefield Mobile was developed by Industrial Toys led by Alex Seropian. Alex Seropian is one of Bungie’s original co-founders and the creator of the Halo series of games. Industrial Toys has established a dedicated team, all of whom are mobile game development experts, who will lead the development of Battlefield: Mobile Edition.

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