OneDrive PWA is open to install and can be used on PC, Mac or Chromebook

Through the PWA application, Microsoft’s OneDrive web version can now be installed in Chrome and Edge browsers. Once installed as a PWA application, users can open OneDrive in a separate window and pin it on the taskbar for a quick launch next time. OneDrive PWA can be used on PC, Mac or Chromebook.

Microsoft and Google are working hard to bring great features to PWA in Windows. For example, Chromium PWA will gain support for customizable title bars and become more native. How to install Microsoft OneDrive PWA.

  • Visit and log in with your Microsoft account
  • Click the install icon in the address bar
  • You can pin the OneDrive web application on the taskbar and start menu. You can also let it create a desktop shortcut to run automatically when Windows logs in.

How to uninstall Microsoft OneDrive Web APP

  • Visit the about://apps page in Chrome and Microsoft Edge
  • Right-click “Microsoft OneDrive”, select “Uninstall” and click the “Remove” button.
  • Uninstall Microsoft OneDrive Web APP

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