WhatsApp for iPhone finally adds multi-device support

The support for the synchronization of multiple devices of WhatsApp for iPhone is certainly not new as it has been in beta testing on TestFlight for some time. Certainly, many of the people concerned have not been able to participate in the program as this takes place with a limited number. Fortunately, this is about to change as multi-device support is being rolled out even for users who have installed the stable version of the app.

The feature is still in beta but is still usable without problems. The version installed on your iPhone must be the latest available on the App Store or where the option for multi-device should appear in the Connected devices section. Once activated, the app will disconnect all devices connected up to that moment, which will have to be reconnected manually via QR Code.

Once this operation has been performed, it will take a few seconds before the messages are synchronized, obviously, the time of the operation will vary according to the number of messages present in the various chats. As mentioned, once the operation is finished it will be possible to use the messaging service on your various devices even if your iPhone is turned off. Unfortunately, there is a limit of four devices to which we can connect our account and none of these can be another phone.

Any computer with Windows or macOS can then be added, as well as any WhatsApp Web session or a device for Portal video calls. It is possible that in the future the Facebook messaging app may provide the ability to add an Android tablet or iPad as well. In addition to this, it must be remembered that it is possible that calls to people who use an old version of the app made from one of the linked devices do not work.

The page of FAQ of WhatsApp, however, still shows that one of the prerequisites for using the multi-function device is that it has installed the beta version, even though several users reported to have also received the stable version quoted above.

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