Apple Card gets advanced fraud protection

Apple Card owners can take advantage of the new advanced fraud protection feature, which is designed to keep the Apple Card from regularly changing the three-digit security code associated with the card, making information more secure.

When enabled, the advanced fraud protection will make the three-digit security code for online shopping change frequently. If the user’s card details are leaked by the online merchant, this feature will play a protective role. Apple said that this feature will not affect regular purchases and subscriptions.

As described in the new Apple Card support document, advanced fraud protection can be enabled by the following steps:

  • Open the Wallet app and click on Apple Card;
  • Click on the card number icon, and then use face ID, Touch ID or password for identity verification;
  • Scroll down to the advanced fraud protection option and turn it on.

When the clock icon is displayed next to the three-digit security code, it means that the advanced fraud protection option has been turned on. Users who enable this feature need to make sure to check the security code of each online transaction to ensure that the latest code is used.

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