Some Samsung Galaxy A and M series users in the Indian market have reported automatic restart issues

Samsung Galaxy A and M series are popular with consumers in the Indian market because of their low prices. Samsung has sold millions of Galaxy A and Galaxy M units worldwide, and consumers choose them because these two series are worth the money compared to some other products. However, these two series are now causing some problems for Samsung, as some users report that their Galaxy A and M series smartphones will suddenly restart.

According to a report, some Samsung Galaxy A and M series users in India are reporting automatic restart problems. According to reports, the affected phones are Galaxy A50, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A51, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31 and Galaxy M31s. Users complain that their smartphones will freeze and then restart, and restart problems are quite frequent. Some users have also encountered a startup loop, where their smartphone gets stuck at the Samsung logo during startup and cannot continue. These problems may affect some specific models sold in India. However, the root cause of these problems is still unknown.

According to a post on Samsung’s official forum in India, this problem seems to have plagued users’ devices in the past few months. We don’t know if these problems are caused by some hardware failures or there are some problems in the software. However, these problem phones have one thing in common they are all driven by Exynos 9610 or 9611 chipsets. In addition, the company has no official information on this issue.

The owners of these problematic devices are advised to replace the motherboard, which can cost between 5,000 and 6,000 rupees, depending on the model. Consumers are unwilling to spend so much money to solve some problems that are not caused by their use. This is natural. I hope Samsung can come up with some solutions as soon as possible.

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