Your Google Photos memories will soon also be visible on the Google Nest Hub

You are probably familiar with Google Photos memories. This includes your highlights, photos with a specific theme and photos from previous years. Often nice to see where you were a year ago, but sometimes also very confrontational when you see how you were at the time. Maybe that’s why Google will soon come up with the option to make these photos appear large on your Google Nest Hub.

Google already paid more attention to memories last year by placing them prominently at the top of Google Photos. This year, the search giant added a special memories widget. They are now taking this one step further by also showing memories on your Google Nest Hub, according to a blog from Google.

When you turn on the feature, your Google Photos reminders will now also appear on the Your Day page. It should appear as a tile next to other elements on the Your Day page, according to Google. You should therefore see the photos alongside your schedule, the weather and your tasks, among other things. There is also an option in the Google Photos app that activates the feature for your smart display. Unfortunately, both this function and the reminders on the Google Nest Hub are not yet visible in the editors.

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The feature is currently being rolled out through a server-side update. This may mean that some users can already see it and others not yet. So check your Nest Hub for updates these days. Do you already see your memories on your smart display? Please let us know by e-mail (please include screenshots or photos).

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