Samsung plans to reduce the pixel distance of MicroLED TVs to 0.5 mm

According to the latest report, Samsung Electronics is developing a display technology that aims to reduce the pixel pitch of MicroLED TVs below 100 inches to less than 0.5 mm. As a result, the total pixel pitch in 110-inch MicroLED TVs can be shortened by more than 10%.

Currently, Samsung’s 110-inch MicroLED TV has a pixel pitch of 0.63 mm. Samsung previously stated in January that it plans to launch a 99-inch MicroLED TV in South Korea from March to April this year, and plans to launch 70-inch to 80-inch products within this year.

However, as of October this year, Samsung has not even launched a 99-inch MicroLED TV. Korean media believe that Samsung’s goal may remain the same: to achieve 4K resolution by reducing the pixel pitch.

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Generally speaking, in order to maintain the high resolution of MicroLED TVs, the LED chips must be placed closer together. This process not only faces the challenge of transferring a huge amount of technology but may also need to bear high costs. In addition, the smaller the TV screen size, the more difficult it is to achieve 4K resolution and the lower the yield rate.

The retail price of Samsung’s 110-inch MicroLED TV in South Korea is 170 million won. In view of cost issues, Samsung may continue to delay the release of the 99-inch MicroLED TV.

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