Google Assistant’s Home and Away routines get even smarter

Release officially in late August, the routine Home and Away for Google Assistant especially dedicated to smart home devices are now becoming smarter thanks to a new trigger arrival/exit from a particular place.

Opening the Routine section from the settings of the Google Assistant or Google Home app and scrolling to the Household Routines section, you will come across a new Starter dedicated to both the Home and Away routines.

Alongside the triggers already present – When I say to my Assistant and When everyone’s away or When someone comes home -, in fact, now Google has also added the item When the user arrives/leaves (When the ‘user arrives/exits). This is a dedicated option, as it does not appear in conjunction with other routines.

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The dedicated page allows you to choose Arrive or Leave and then to select a specific place. This refers to the Google Assistant Your places menu, where Home and Work are listed by default and where the user has the possibility to add new saved places. In the settings, there is also the possibility to receive a notification on the smartphone when a certain routine is activated.

This new feature offers the user much more management and scheduling options than automated Presence Sensing. Thanks to Home, for example, it is possible to prevent the Assistant routine from being activated before the user has actually approached a specific place near his home.

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