Netflix wants to turn an old army base into a huge production center

A former army base called Fort Monmouth in New Jersey may one day become the main production center for Netflix’s original programming in the future. The company has revealed its intention to bid for the property, but it has not disclosed how much it is willing to pay for the nearly 100-year-old site. Fort Monmouth was officially closed by the US government in 2011.

Netflix revealed last week that it intends to bid for the 289-acre portion of Monmersburg. Multiple developers have bid more than US$100 million for a smaller part of this former army base, and the base’s estimated value is US$54 million. Although these transactions were unsuccessful, this figure does give some hints as to how much Netflix might eventually pay for the land-of course, provided that its bid is accepted.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy paved the way for major companies such as Netflix to establish film production centers in the state in the form of tax relief. Netflix revealed that they intend to modernize the site as a state-of-the-art facility for filming and post-production work.

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This won’t be Netflix’s first production center-the company previously purchased ABQ Studios, its largest production facility in New Mexico. Assuming that the streaming media company acquires a property in New Jersey, the production studio it has established there will become its second-largest location.

New Jersey Governor Murphy expressed full excitement about Netflix’s bid for Fort Monmouth in a statement of his own. Among them, the establishment of a new production center will bring a lot of employment opportunities to New Jersey. Here is a reference, the streaming media company said in 2018 that its ABQ studio center will bring up to 1,000 jobs in New Mexico every year.

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