PlayStation 5 received a new firmware update

According to the latest reports, PS5 has recently carried out an update to ensure that the host will not lose its gameplay function after the CMOS battery (ie, the clock battery) is exhausted. Generally speaking, the existence of the CMOS battery on the motherboard can ensure that the hardware configuration of the system and the parameter settings of the equipment by the operator are not lost.

On the PS5, the continuous work of the CMOS battery ensures the stability of the internal clock of the PS5 host. After the player chooses to start the game, the internal clock of the host will be compared with the server-side time to verify the player’s identity to start the game smoothly.

VGC quoted Hikikomori Media’s analysis and pointed out: After the PS5 update, the console has been able to continue working after its CMOS battery is exhausted to run the physical/digital PS5 and PS4 games smoothly; but the only one that cannot be used anymore. They are games obtained by subscribing to PS Plus. Players will not be able to play these games if the CMOS battery is exhausted or removed.

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Given the role of the CMOS battery, some players speculate that if Sony shuts down the PS Network service one day, then these CMOS battery-drained hosts may never be able to run games again. Earlier this year, due to the upsurge of PS4 and PS5 generations, the above issues began to be discussed by many players. Therefore, Sony decided to update its PS console firmware: the PS4 console completed its last-generation firmware update in September this year to ensure that it can continue to work after the CMOS battery fails.

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