Google upgrades Nest Hub feature to help users understand sleep quality in more detail

Thanks to Soli-based Sleep Sensing, Google’s second-generation Nest Hub has the ability to help you track your sleep. Now Google is rolling out an update that should help you understand your sleep quality in more detail. According to the official Google blog post updated today, Nest Hub will now display a sleep stage chart showing your various sleep stages, including how long you have been awake or experiencing rapid eye movement, light sleep or deep sleep.

Google has also added an update to the sound detection of the Nest Hub. When you sleep, it will not capture all the sounds in your room, but should only track the cough and snoring it detects from your calibrated sleeping area. Any sounds from outside this area will be placed on a separate timeline, named other sounds. The inability to decipher the voice from one person or another is pointed out in many reviews, including us, as a limitation of the Sleep Sensing feature when it debuted.

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As for the Sleep Sensing feature, Google says you will be able to get a free preview before 2022. Google plans to launch Sleep Sensing in Fitbit Premium in 2023, and the current cost is $9.99/month or $79.99/year. Starting today, you can access the new Sleep Sensing feature, but Google says it will reach users worldwide “in the next few weeks.

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