DJI Fly app is not compatible with Pixel 6 series

Some applications do not work properly on newer phones, which is nothing new, especially if the applications have not been updated for many years and are not compatible with new devices. However, if there is an application from a large and popular brand that does support the latest smartphones, the situation is completely different. Now, DJI users who use Pixel 6 series phones face the “fish and bear’s paw” problem, and DJI’s reply makes them feel puzzled and angry.

Customers who bought Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro recently discovered that they cannot use DJI’s DJI Fly application. After opening it, only a black screen will be displayed instead of the usual video screen. In addition, users of the Pixel 6 series reported that DJI Fly would crash immediately after opening.

The user contacted DJI customer service regarding this issue. Citing a report from DroneDJ, a DJI customer service suggested that users use another mobile phone in order to be able to use DJI’s Fly app. Unsurprisingly, this has been severely criticized and counterattacked, because not everyone has the ability to keep another mobile phone just to fly a drone.

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DJI can always argue that it has never promised that Pixel 6 will be compatible with the app, but few buyers can check these technical specifications first, especially when they are nowhere to be found. Another mystery is why the app cannot be used on the Pixel 6 in the first place, especially if it works on other Android phones without problems.

This is especially puzzling considering that this is Google’s flagship product and not an old phone from a lesser-known company. As one person said, if it is found that DJI’s application does not support iPhone 13, it will cause a greater commotion.

DJI has indeed acknowledged this problem, and at least promised to pay attention to it and resolve it as soon as possible. In other words, it also added: If it bothers you very much, the affected user should borrow or use a compatible mobile phone. This echoes the previous suggestion. This is definitely a disappointing and almost insulting response.

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