Tesla FSD Beta 10.6.1 released

Tesla today launched the 10.6.1 Beta version of the FSD software, which is a minor update. This update brings a number of improvements, improves the accuracy and speed of object detection, and solves some of the annoying problems that existed before.

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The following is the update log:

  • Improved the object detection network architecture and increased sensitivity for non-VRU objects (cars, trucks, buses). After the improvement, the recall rate has increased by 7%, the depth error has been reduced by 16%, and the speed error has been reduced by 21%.
  • With the new visibility network, the average relative error has been reduced by 18.5%.
  • The new universal static object monitoring network improves the accuracy by 17% in large angles and night situations.
  • By predicting the intersection objects, the parking and waiting position is improved when the vehicle turns left at an open intersection, which helps to make way for other vehicles at the same time.
  • Through modeling, there is more room for merging actions.
  • When an object crosses the front lane, the automatic braking action is improved to make it smoother and improve passenger comfort.

YouTube user James Locke tried the new version of FSD and said that overall the car’s acceleration and deceleration movements have become more stable.

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