Download GCam for your device easily

This guide shows you how to download the preferred GCam for your device with ease with just a few small steps without root. Download the required program from below the post before starting.

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  • Open GCamLoader app
  • Choose your device as shown in the picture. E.g mine was Redmi Note 8 Pro.
  • Download the one with the “Recommended Version” mark on it.

Boom; you downloaded the GCam for your device.

In case if it doesn’t work, that means there’s a problem with Camera2 API. Here’s how you check it.

  • First, check if the API status is enabled from the main page in the app(check picture for example).
  • If it says enabled but still doesn’t work, or says disabled, go to the GCam download menu, tap the marked option in the picture and it will show you the guide to how to enable the required API to make it work.

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