Google has added multiple COVID-19 features

This Wednesday, Google added multiple COVID-19 features to its search tool. These features can help you quickly find free testing locations and vaccinations for children (and adults). You can also choose a specific vaccine brand, Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson.

These new tools emerged as the new crown variants Delta and Omicron spread rapidly across the United States. Omicron has risen from 12% of all confirmed COVID-19 cases last week to more than 73% today.

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To use this feature, please open the Google app on your phone, enter or say the term COVID vaccines near me in the text box. Then you will see a list of pharmacies and medical institutions that provide COVID-19 vaccines. You can modify your search to only show pharmacies that offer Pfizer vaccines.

To find a free testing location, search for free COVID testing near me. If a website offers free testing, it will display free COVID-19 testing. If not, it might say something like The cost of a quick test is $100.

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