Tesla Model 3 seat bulge, official believes that it is a non-manufacturing defect

Recently, some media reported that an overseas Tesla owner broke the news that his Model 3 had a seat bulge. According to the owner, the Tesla Model 3 with seat bulge has a total mileage of about 10,500 kilometers. This problem emerged after several weeks of hot weather.

Judging from the photos taken by him, the headrest and seat cushion of the Tesla Model 3 is bulging and skinning, which looks particularly garish. However, Tesla believes that the bulge is not a manufacturing defect. Tesla officials stated that the problem may be caused by a variety of chemicals such as lotion, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, cleaning products, etc.

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It is not a quality problem, so it cannot be replaced for free. After the assessment, a repair quotation of US$1,880 was given. It is understood that for environmental protection considerations, Tesla Model 3 seats use artificial leather materials to achieve 100% animal-free leather.

Compared with animal leather, artificial leather will perform better in terms of material toughness and abrasion resistance. However, there have been media reports before that some Tesla models have had similar bulges in the seats. However, when looking up domestic information, there is also The owner has encountered a similar situation.

In fact, it’s not just Tesla. Everyone should pay special attention to the cleanliness of the car in the process of using the car. Try to avoid using products containing chemical substances, and try not to eat in the car, drink juice, coffee and other beverages. After all, expensive leather seats The chair is indeed easily stained.

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