The world’s top 10 most popular online shopping sites in 2021

People can no longer do without shopping websites. Recently, network service provider Cloudflare has counted the 10 most visited online shopping websites in the world in 2021 based on the number of website visits. The data shows that the top three e-commerce sites are: Amazon, Taobao and eBay. details as follows:

  • It has become the preferred platform for much online shopping in many countries;

  • Taobao, an online shopping platform under Alibaba Group;

  • As one of the early pioneers in the online shopping industry, eBay is still popular with online shoppers.

  • The US-based retail giant Wal-Mart is known for its physical stores, but is also gaining popularity among online shoppers.

  • Ranked fifth in, and even Tencent, Wal-Mart and other companies hold shares in the platform.

  • Canadian online platform Shopify is the sixth most popular shopping website in the world.

Best Buy

  • North American home appliance and electronic retailers, Best Buy ranks seventh on the list.

  • The US retail giant Target is also very popular, ranking 8th on the list.


  • Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten ranks 9th on the list.

The Home Depot

  • The Home Depot, an American home improvement retailer, ranks among the top 10 most popular online shopping sites in the world in 2021.

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