Tesla Model 3/Y has made meritorious service

According to the latest reports, after the announcement of last year’s fourth quarter and full-year output delivery, Tesla’s sales and shares in many markets around the world are also being released.

Agency data shows that in the Norwegian market, where electric vehicles already occupy an important proportion, Tesla has the highest share, which is significantly higher than other manufacturers.

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According to agency data, Tesla delivered 20,395 electric vehicles in Norway last year. Its share in the Norwegian electric vehicle market was 17.1%, 6.3 percentage points ahead of the second-ranked Volkswagen, which sold 12,857 electric vehicles in Norway last year. Automotive, with a market share of 10.8%.

Tesla’s share of the Norwegian market last year was much higher than that of other manufacturers, thanks to the Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles. The former delivered 12,057 vehicles in the Norwegian market last year, while the latter delivered 8,266 vehicles. The two models delivered more than 20,000 vehicles.

Agency data also shows that in the Norwegian market, electric vehicles already account for a considerable proportion, with a market share of 75%-80%, and it is expected to exceed 80% this year.

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