January 2022 Pixel update fixes Chromecast controls for most apps on Android 12

Now we all know that how much Android is used and how much people prefer Android phones just because of their affordable prices as well as nicely designed functions. But if there is a good usage of the phone so there are few disadvantages also. So today we will going to discuss about this. The January 2022 update for Pixel phones fixes Android 12’s inability to use your phone’s volume rocker to adjust Chromecast volume, at least for most apps.

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As we all know that from casting to the release of Android 12 there were a few bugs related to the volume being placed but now the company has decided to resolve the issue, Pixel phones lost their ability to adjust the volume of an active Chromecast session with the volume rocker.

Rather than being a bug, this feature was actually intentionally disabled by Google, due to a “legal issue” which has been presumed to be the ongoing lawsuit with Sonos. According to public comments from Googlers, the issue was supposed to be fixed with Android 12L, set to launch later this year hopefully. We were able to tweak Spotify volume in the background using a Pixel 5a on the January 2022 update, but not from a Pixel 6 Pro on the November 2021 update.

However, as we were expected, we spotted giving updated news by Mishaal Rahman on Twitter, the January 2022 update for Pixel phones appears to have also included the fix, with most apps now correctly allowing you to control Chromecast volume with your side volume rocker whether they’re in the foreground or background so we are exaggerating the things hope Spotify volume will goings to succeed and well propranolol.

Apparently Notably, there are a few exceptions, with both volume controls in YouTube and YouTube Music still broken. According to a comment from Google, this particular issue is actually related to YouTube itself rather than any change made to Android, and it should be addressed soon as the YouTube Music team is looking into this.

Since the Chromecast volume fix is included as part of the January 2022 update, those with the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro still have some waiting to do. Following some major issues with the December patch, those phones are set to get this month’s update sometime in late January, along with fixes for quite a few other problems. Similarly, the Pixel 3’s most recent security update was also the jump to Android 12 in October, with that phone set to receive one final security update in the coming weeks prospectively.

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