Xbox director calls for cross-platform bans on bad gamers

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Xbox director Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft hopes to help combat bad players in the online gaming space by creating a multi-platform network program. For example, the ban that applies to Xbox may also extend until Other games on online platforms.

Phil Spencer wonders if bad behavior players are banned from one gaming network platform, is there a way to ban them on other platforms as well. But it will be a more difficult goal to achieve, but he hopes to achieve this plan one day.

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Spencer said he would adopt a system that would allow players to submit a banned user list to them on another platform. Tell him that he chooses not to play with this group of people because he doesn’t want to meet them on every platform they play.

Also in the interview, Spencer talked about how Microsoft is using artificial intelligence on the Xbox to “monitor the mood and tone of conversations” to detect “when conversations are reaching a bad level.” There is also a reporting user setting in the Xbox UI for reporting bad behavior.

Activision’s Call of Duty game has a multi-platform ban strategy, and players found to cheat or engage in other bad behavior will be banned across platforms. As Spencer has indicated, a cross-platform ban system between different gaming platforms requires a concerted effort by staff from different platforms, which can make things difficult. Before however, cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation seemed unlikely, but now it’s relatively common. In the context of the times, rival companies have chosen to cooperate more closely.

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