Realme GT2 Pro gets the latest update on vA.14, supports LTPO frame rate display

Realme GT2 Pro was officially released recently. It adopts Samsung 2K flexible straight screen/E4/120Hz/LTPO 2.0 and is adapted to the high frame rate mode of multiple games. Today, Xu Qi, vice president of Realme, president of China, and president of global marketing, announced that the second update of Realme GT2 Pro, A.14, was officially launched today, bringing the LTPO frame rate display function that users expect, which can be found in developers option is turned on.

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In addition, this update optimizes the high-flash strategy, and long and short video apps such as Aiyouteng support high-flash, and also improve the stability of the system. Realme GT2 Pro currently supports the high frame rate mode of Honor of Kings and QQ Speed ​​Mobile Games. Peace Elite 90 frames will be supported after the next game version update, and Realme GT2 Pro is also in the second batch of compatible models in the League of Legends Mobile Games high frame rate mode.

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