God of War 4 PC version 1.04 update is online to fix the bug

God of War 4 PC version 1.04 update is now live, and in this game, Atreus sometimes becomes unresponsive. Now if this happens again, the player can start over from a checkpoint or the most recent save, which should reset his state. Below is the official release changelog.

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  • Restarting from a checkpoint or a saved game will now reset his state if Atreus becomes unresponsive
  • Fixed rare case of graphics card driver crash
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect video memory detection on Intel XE platforms
  • Fixed an issue where the display mode setting would change to the windowed mode when resetting the display settings to default on ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed an issue that caused controls to disappear when opening the inventory while traveling in the realm
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash when the client is closed


  • Added DLSS sharpening bar

Other changes

  • Added additional logging to crash reporting to help identify the source of intermittent crashes.

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