Surface Duo AT&T version also upgraded to Android 11

A week after the unlocked Surface Duo got the update, the AT&T carrier version of the Surface Duo also got the Android 11 system update. The 2.3GB update brings some new features to original Surface Duo users, including automatic app splitting, a new Photos app for OneDrive, launching OneNote from the Surface Slim Pen 2’s top button, and more.

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  • Enable in Surface Duo features, in settings, you can choose your preference for answering calls while folded.
  • Optimized quick settings and notification width for portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Adjust media volume directly from quick settings in any device mode.
  • Use thumb mode in Microsoft SwiftKey, now all device modes and application states.
  • The updated app drawer and folder design with improved drag and drop support.
  • Refreshed Microsoft’s feed design with updated cards and new Microsoft Start Widgets.

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