Microsoft will push the Surface Duo 3, only to delay it until next year

Although compared with the original generation, Microsoft has made obvious improvements on the Surface Duo 2 released last year, but it has not received much positive affirmation from consumers and the media. But none of this will stop Microsoft from launching the third-generation Surface Duo.

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According to Windows Central’s Zac Bowden, Microsoft has plans to launch the Surface Duo 3, but it’s unlikely the company will release it this year. Instead, the company is planning to launch the device sometime next year, although the exact date is unclear.

On the bright side, Microsoft is said to be improving the overall user experience of the current Surface Duo and Duo 2. Microsoft may also add some new features to the Surface Duo device, but Zac didn’t share information on what new features will be available on the dual-screen foldable phone or when it will be released.

While Microsoft’s announcement of the Duo 3 next year will make many fans unhappy, that’s probably a good thing, as the company will have more time to improve a lot of things.

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