God of War 4 PC version 1.0.5 patch released! AMD performance issues to be resolved later

Sony’s God of War 4 PC version has released a new v1.0.5 update patch, which fixes several problems in the game, and also adds 3 new features, including the ability to automatically minimize the window after cutting out the window in borderless full-screen mode, and Error message when a specific archive cannot be opened/written.

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In addition, the game also adds a precise mouse control mode, which ignores the default mouse-view control scheme, and adjusts the mouse control scheme according to the values ​​in the settings.ini file. Players can adjust the settings.ini file by themselves. But this mode cannot be used at the same time as Aim Assist mode.

The official also said that they have found the reason for AMD’s poor performance in God of War 4, but it will take some time to fix the problem. God of War 4 is currently available on PC Steam and Epic platforms.

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