Mozilla: Firefox’s new theme color scheme links the characters of The Metamorphosis of Youth

In the Firefox 97 version update released last week, Mozilla announced the retirement of the old color theme, and the theme color is based on the characters of Pixar’s latest animated film “Turning Red” (Turning Red). If you go to Mozilla’s new True Colors website, you can see the themes that are specific to a character there.

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Aside from the Firefox logo and the red panda of Metamorphoses, the film takes place in 2002, when the original version of Firefox was released. In describing the link between browsers and movies, Mozilla said.

Firefox loves this red panda so much because of our logo, but it goes deeper than that. The Metamorphoses of Youth is set in 2002, and a teenage girl struggles between continuing to be her mother’s filial daughter and exploring her true self. In 2002, we first came together to create what would become the Firefox browser.

We look at the internet and imagine what we want it to be, how we want it to be, and how we invite people to join us. Mozilla did not disclose the transaction status of this linkage. But browser makers will likely get some money for advertising the movie. Partnerships like this can help Mozilla become more financially independent, rather than always relying on Google search revenue.

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