Nintendo: 3DS and Wii U online store will no longer support purchasing games next year

According to the latest report, Nintendo announced today that by late March 2023, the eShop for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS will no longer support shopping.

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Specifically, starting May 23, 2022, players won’t be able to top up their eShop accounts with a credit card on Wii U or 3DS devices. Starting August 29, 2022, players will also not be able to add funds to their accounts using eShop gift cards on these devices. Players who have download codes will also not be able to redeem those codes after late March 2023.

Nintendo is reportedly not shutting down the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS completely. Officials say that even after late March 2023, players will still be able to redownload games and DLC, receive software updates, and enjoy online gaming on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS series systems for the foreseeable future.

The Nintendo 3DS was launched in 2011 and is a follow-up model of the Nintendo DS. It was launched in Japan on February 26, 2011. The Wii U is the successor to the Wii, announced on June 7, 2011, and launched on December 8, 2012.

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