Google Maps: These are the local guides, an overview of all badges, points, levels and possible rewards

For many users, Google Maps should be the first port of call when looking for information with a geographical reference – because this is available in abundance on the map platform. The details come from a wide variety of sources, with the local guides becoming more and more relevant over the years. Here you get a summary of all points, levels, badges and rewards for the more than 120 million members of the local guides.

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For many years, Google has mastered the art of using users as free little helpers to collect information and fill databases. Nowhere is this clearer than in Google Maps, because the majority of users make their movement data available and thus provide passive assistance in increasing the data quality. But the ratings of all users also play an important role.

How to become a local guide

The local guides seem to be quite an exclusive group, which is actually not the case at all. Two years ago, Google let it be known that there are 120 million active local guides and today there are likely to be even more. Any user with a Google account has the opportunity to register as a Local Guide, complete the map platform and receive both points and some rewards or attention (more on that later).

So if you like writing reviews, giving stars, uploading photos and videos or answering questions, you should simply register here and fill up your points account in order to enjoy some advantages. The only requirement is that you must be at least 18 years old and have a Google account. There are points for each action, as you can see in the following list.


  • Write a review: 10 points
  • Write a review with more than 200 characters: 20 points
  • Submit a rating: 1 point
  • Upload photo: 5 points
  • Add photo tag: 3 points
  • Upload video: 7 points
  • Answer question: 1 point
  • Answer round of questions: 3 points
  • Edit location: 5 points
  • Add location: 15 points
  • Add road: 15 points
  • Check information: 1 point
  • Publish list: 10 points
  • Description for list: 5 points


The higher the score, the higher you slide in the hierarchy of the local guides and reach certain levels – of which there are currently 10. The levels are the actual indicator of how active a guide is or what bonuses they are given, while the score is rather irrelevant in comparison.


For certain actions, there are not only points and the ascent to the level but also badges. These show where the user’s strengths lie and relate specifically to the origin of the points and are currently awarded in 5 categories, each with 3 levels.

  • Fact Finders: Badges for users who make sure others get accurate information about places on Google.
    • Newbie: Suggest 3 Approved Changes | 3 review changes | Select answers for 25 questions
    • Expert: Suggest 25 Approved Changes | 25 review changes | Choose answers for 250 questions
    • Master: Propose 100 Approved Changes | 100 review changes | Choose answers for 1000 questions
  • Photographer: Badge for users who add great photos of places others are interested in.
    • Newbie: Add photos from 3 locations
    • Expert: add 100 photos | Add photos of 25 places | Received more than 100,000 photo views
    • Master: Add 1000 Photos | Add photos of 100 places | Received more than 1,000,000 photo views
  • Reviewer: Badge awarded to users who write detailed reviews of places others are interested in.
    • Newbie: Write reviews for 3 places
    • Expert: Write reviews for 25 places | Write 5 reviews with more than 200 characters | Get 5 positive ratings for your reviews
    • Master: Write Reviews for 100 Places | Write 50 reviews with more than 200 characters | Receive 50 positive ratings for your reviews
  • Trailblazers: Badges for users who are the first to add important information about a place.
    • Newbie: Add the first photo of 1 place | Write the first review of 1 place | Add 1 approved place
    • Expert: Add the first photo of 10 places | Be the first to write a review of 10 places | Add 10 approved locations
    • Master: Add the first photo of 50 locations | Write the first review of 50 places | Add 50 approved locations
  • Director: Badge for users who add featured videos of places others are interested in.
    • Newbie: Add videos from 3 locations
    • Expert: Add 100 Videos | Add videos from 25 places | Received more than 100,000 video views
    • Master: Add 1000 Videos | Add videos from 100 places | Received more than 1,000,000 video views


But what are all the points for? A few years ago, the premiums were severely cut, so it has actually become unattractive. In fact, as a keen helper, you could actually get rewards like 1 terabyte of free storage space. Today, instead, there’s early access to some Google Maps features (so you’re playing beta tester; the next unpaid job) and most importantly, the motivation of having helped other people. But there are always reports of successful reviews and photos that have been called up thousands or even millions of times by other people.

As a local guide, you can share reviews, photos and insider tips on Google Maps and earn points. With these points, you can reach higher levels and also enjoy certain advantages. For example, you can be one of the first to try new features from Google and receive special rewards from our partners. For example, Level 4 awards the first Local Guides logo, which you can use to draw attention to your contributions on Maps.

There were also always additional and previously not promised rewards. 5 euro vouchers have already been sent out for the Play Store, there have already been vouchers for free audiobooks, discounts in the Google Store, there were several socks for Christmas and last year there was even a discount for the Pixel 6 smartphones. Particularly able guides have repeatedly been invited to Local Guides meetings in California in recent years, but for known reasons, this has not happened in the last two years.

So it can be worthwhile even without fixed bonuses because there will probably be more rewards in the future. And finally, having fun and helping other users should be the greatest motivation – just like with Wikipedia. Only without annoying administrators.

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