Stalker 2 will be delayed until next year? Developer representatives come forward to deny

Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl” was originally scheduled to release on April 28, 2022, but the game announced a few weeks ago that it was delayed until December 8 this year. But in this period when the game bounced tickets like a commonplace, experience tells us that it is very likely to skip a second time, and many players think that they will not be able to see the official release of “Stalker 2” on December 8th.

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As a result, rumors that Stalker 2 will be released at least until 2023 began to appear on the Internet. There are also rumors that the developer of the game, GSC Game World, has encountered some technical difficulties with Unreal Engine 5. Some of the YouTubers discussed these rumors, further adding to their credibility.

However, the GSC community relations manager denied these rumors on a Discord channel, saying: “We have announced the official release date. There are no plans to change the date now.

In early February, GSC representative Mollt also said: We understand everyone’s curiosity about Stalker 2, and everyone will definitely like our next new video.

March 20 marks the 15th anniversary of the original Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl, and if you want to announce a new video for the sequel, this should be a good time.

Stalker 2 is expected to be released on December 8, landing on the PC and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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