OnePlus 10 Pro with OxygenOS 12.1 launching globally next month

During the MWC 2022, OnePlus has shared a piece of good news for the users. These relate to the wider global launch of the OnePlus 10 Pro, its new plans for OxygenOS.

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OxygenOS 13

OnePlus is working on the OxygenOS next version OxygenOS 13. As per the information, the original plan for 2021 was to move a step beyond this integrated codebase and combine the “fast and burdenless experience of OxygenOS with the stability and rich features of ColorOS”.

OxygenOS 13 will feature all the hallmarks of OxygenOS, like a fast and smooth experience, burdenless design, ease of use, alongside a range of exclusive customization features.

The second most important announcement from OnePlus is that the OnePlus 10 Pro will finally launch outside of China in March 2022. The device will launch in North America, India, and Europe by the end of March. OnePlus also confirmed that the device will come with OxygenOS 12.1 in the global market.

OnePlus is working on a series of gaming-focused features under the HyperBoost Gaming Engine banner, and these will be available on the OnePlus 10 Pro after its global launch.

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