PS5, VRR is expected to arrive with the next update for a leaker

PS5 is expected to receive the long-awaited VRR functionality with the next system update, leaker Foxy reported on Twitter, and it won’t be long before that happens. We know that there has been some controversy about the lack of VRR in the latest PS5 update since Sony had advertised this feature indicating it as imminent some time ago, but by now we should be there.

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For the uninitiated, the variable refresh rate is a technology supported by the HDMI 2.1 standard and new generation televisions, which serves to eliminate artifacts and tearing, thus delivering a consistent and fluid gaming experience.

Xbox has been compatible with VRR for some time, and this is probably also why the issue has become particularly felt by PlayStation 5 owners. Foxy, however, said that there is a small detail with the variable refresh rate on PS5: initially, this technology will only be supported by Bravia 2021 TVs.

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