Opera browser Android version has integrated FIO protocol to lower the threshold of cryptocurrency experience

In an announcement on Thursday, well-known web browser developer Opera announced that it has integrated support for the FIO protocol into its Android browser. With this update, Opera brings users a single point of access to highly available and interoperable web3 products, making it easier for everyone to access cryptocurrencies.

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As an open-source, decentralized protocol, FIO not only supports all blockchains but also employs human-readable encrypted handles to replace the use of long strings of public wallet addresses, thereby de-risking and complicating transactions.

On this basis, Opera for Android users can use the FIO Crypto Handle to easily send and receive cryptocurrencies in their Opera Crypto Wallet, and Opera provides a free @opera FIO Crypto Handle registration service.

The official said that it is committed to eliminating the barriers to entry for web3 novice and expert products, and the integration of the FIO protocol is the latest proof of this commitment.

With this latest collaborative practice, Opera hopes to continue its commitment to bringing an easier and less risky crypto trading experience to Android users and the entire web3 community.

Interested friends can click the Logo in the lower right corner of the Opera for Android screen, and then select Crypto Wallet from the settings to configure their FIO wallet handle, and the subsequent FIO functions will also be in the Crypto Browser (Crypto Browser) enable.

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