Players plan Minecraft to create life-size New York City with nearly 3,000 people participating

The classic sandbox creation game “Minecraft” has been loved by countless players for its unlimited creativity since its birth. Among them, the super construction party always plans to make world-shattering moves.

A few days ago, some media revealed a grand plan that has been in progress for more than 2 years. Nearly 3,000 players gathered together to plan to create a real-scale New York City in “Minecraft”.

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Although the project may sound too large, Minecraft’s life-size New York City plan is just one step in the group’s “Build the Earth”, which has as many as 2,731 players so far, it took more than 2 years, and the real New York reconstruction plan has not been completely completed.

According to the core personnel of the plan, during the implementation of the plan, it mainly relies on Google Maps to build large map nodes. However, there are still numerous difficulties and troubles in the specific implementation. At present, the plan is still being implemented slowly.

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