Google adds content-related searches to add relevant search terms to web pages

Google announced the launch of a new right-click navigation unit – Related search for content (content-related search). This is an AdSense tool used by website owners to show visitors search terms related to the content of the page they are currently viewing.

From a web user’s perspective, the feature provides an easy way to find more information on a topic without having to manually search for things. For site owners, it’s a way to help visitors stay on a site longer.

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Google describes the new option as follows: “Related search for content lets you show users search terms that are relevant to the content of the page they’re viewing. When users click on a related search term, they’re taken to a search on your site. Results pages. Using relevant searches on your content pages can encourage your users to explore relevant topics on your site and engage with search advertising.”

Google says: Related search for content is a right-click navigation unit that shows users search terms related to the page they’re viewing on a publisher’s site. When they click on a search term, they’re taken to a search on the publisher’s site. Results pages, where they can explore other relevant topics, including search advertising. As a result, relevant searches for content can help publishers increase site engagement — including site traffic, page views, and ad impressions — and drive incremental revenue.

Google said the feature would allow publishers to create a more useful search experience on their sites, stressing that it was a “privacy-preserving solution.” The company goes on to explain that suggestions come from page content, not user data, noting that “ads on search pages target the search terms the user clicked on, not actual user data.”

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