PlayStation and Gender discrimination: Sony comments on the new allegations

The ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit against Sony, originally filed in November last year by former PlayStation IT analyst Emma Majo, continues to evolve and present new implications.

After receiving new allegations from eight women who support Majo’s cause, Sony has decided to comment on the affair. If at first, the Japanese company had intervened only to clarify its intention to have the case closed due to lack of evidence, on this occasion, it is instead worried that cases of discrimination may occur within its corporate division dedicated to gaming.

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” Sony Interactive Entertainment takes the content of the just filed statements seriously,” Sony said, adding that it “has addressed or will address” the issues brought to light by the prosecution.

The house of PlayStation, in any case, remains on the defensive and specifies that, despite the new allegations being accompanied by concrete evidence, one cannot speak of a problem at a higher or systemic level within the company, and that these could only be isolated cases. At this point, we just have to wait for news next month, when a hearing will be held on Sony’s request to dismiss the case.

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