Stalker 2: Does GSC move to the Czech republic to continue development?

Due to the turbulent situation in Ukraine and the continuous firefights following the invasion of Russia, the developers of GSC Game Worlds have decided to suspend the development of STALKER 2, one of the most anticipated titles in the coming months on Windows PC and consoles. Xbox Series X | S.

In addition to making the continuation of the works impossible, the Russian invasion also poses a danger to the life of the developers who, according to the videogame journalist Pavel Dobrovský, have plans for an imminent transfer to the Czech Republic.

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According to reports, GSC Game Worlds would not only intend to complete the work on STALKER 2 but also kick off the construction of a new iteration of the Cossack’s franchise, with the series currently stopped at the third chapter published in 2016 (i.e. the remake of the first episode Cossacks European Wars).

The Czech portal Vortex corroborated Dobrovský’s words, with the chief editor of the newspaper Jiří Bigas adding that other Ukrainian development houses are also considering the possibility of relocating outside Ukraine. At this point, we look forward to a possible official announcement from GSC Game Worlds.

STALKER 2 is scheduled for December 8 on PC and Xbox Series X | S, but at the moment it’s hard to say if the title will be ready for this date. The developers have decided to change the subtitle of STALKER 2, now accompanied by “Heart of Chornobyl”, according to the Ukrainian pronunciation instead of the much better known Russian one.

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