The Witcher and the teaser medallion: CD Projekt reveals what animal it is

CD Projekt RED has officially confirmed the animal on which the medallion immortalized in the first teaser image of the new The Witcher saga is based. As many suspected it is a lynx, which opens the door to many interesting theories.

The confirmation came from director Robert Malinowski, who told “Ok, some mysteries shouldn’t be so mysterious. I can confirm that the medallion, in fact, is shaped like a lynx.”

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The shape of the medallion has made a lot of discussion in recent days, as it could offer some important details about the setting and the protagonist of the new The Witcher, which could be neither Geralt of Rivia nor Ciri. Attention, because from here on we will give some previews on the mythology of The Witcher, even if unofficial.

The medallion could therefore represent the much-talked-about Scuola Della Lince, which actually exists only in fan fiction. In this scenario, after the events of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Lambert, Keira Metz, Eskel and other characters founding this new school after the extinction of that of the Wolf (of which Geralt of Rivia belongs).

The medallion seen in the teaser could therefore belong to one of its founders or its members (therefore a completely new character). This is certain that CD Projekt RED is inspired by this fan fiction, which is not at all obvious.

Fanfiction or not, Malinowski’s confirmation suggests that in the next The Witcher we will probably play an unreleased or otherwise different character from Ciri and Geralt. To find out more, we just have to wait patiently for further official details. Meanwhile, Jason Slama, the new game director of the series, has promised that the next The Witcher will not need the crunch.

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