OnePlus registers the names 10T and 10T Pro: return possible?

Having witnessed the advent of the 9RT model, it seems that OnePlus wants to backtrack by planning the advent of the 10T series. In fact, from a new leak, we learn that it could propose it again with two devices since it would also be evaluating a Pro model.

To show the names registered by OnePlus was the leaker Mukul Sharma, who actually wonders if we will see a return of this series which, as we anticipated, has seen a stop given the arrival of the OnePlus 9RT. The doubt arises from the fact that to date there is not even a base OnePlus 10, so we should evaluate how and in what period they could arrive.

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In addition, OnePlus is also planning the arrival on the market of the 10R model, which seems closer than it seems and which therefore would continue an R series quite appreciated to be a fair match between quality and price, although this year it seems. rely on MediaTek but also on a super recharge.

It is also possible that OnePlus wanted to keep safe by registering the 10T and 10T Pro nomenclature and then in reality it will launch a possible 10RT, but it is clear that it is all still a lot in the field of speculation.

So we just have to wait for the next few weeks or months in order to understand how the brand wants to shape itself in 2022, which also sees an increasingly significant expansion of the Northern Range, which is growing strongly for more competitive price ranges. What do you think about it? Do you believe that a return of the T series can benefit OnePlus, given that to date 9RT has never arrived in Europe?

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