Call of Duty Vanguard: Player cought with cheats during streaming

The fight against the cheaters featured in Call of Duty has been quite heated for some time and Ricochet, the in-house developed anti-cheat service is paying off. However, users have also reinvented themselves as cheater “hunters”, as evidenced by the recent example of the player caught streaming with active third-party software.

According to what was also reported by Dexerto, the semi-professional player and streamer known as Kenji would have been accused by two semi-pro players of using external software to obtain an important advantage over their opponents.

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The accusation, for clarity, emerged in the context of an ongoing competition on the Checkmate Gaming platform. He obviously wasn’t there and provided the public, in an attempt to clear his name, an external camera that captures him playing Call of Duty: Vanguard on PC, to show that there is no active cheat.

However, in this bizarre attempt to prove his innocence, he actually has active external software: as can be seen in the video attached to the news already in the first two seconds, Kenji can see on the screen some yellow rectangles that identify the opponents present on the also maps through walls; Put simply, he is using wallhack.

The footage made the rounds of the web very quickly among members of the Call of Duty community, so much so that Checkmate Gaming quickly banned Kenji and his team from the competition.

Later, even the College CoD League banned Grand Canyon University, the student team in which he competed, from participating in the competition “until the beginning of the 2023 season”, definitively banning Kenji himself from participating.

Meanwhile, there are also those who ask the streamers of Call of Duty to be equipped with a “feet cam”.

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