Google Glass: Update brings new functions for the smart glasses, but Android stays with the black cookie

The smart glasses Google Glass could celebrate a big comeback next year and is currently only available as a business version for use in special workplaces. Despite the very low distribution, the development continues unabated and so an update is being rolled out these days that has Google Meet in its luggage, improves the browser and has some bug fixes in its luggage.

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After a long break, Google will eventually re-enter the smart glasses market, which is considered very certain due to several developments. But the break only took place in the consumer area, because the smart glasses have been available for many years as an Enterprise Edition for use in companies. This has been running on Android 8.1 Oreo since it was launched and therefore has a very outdated operating system, which is apparently sufficient for this purpose.

Now an update is being rolled out that brings the communication platform Google Meet to the glasses and thus enables real video conferences. In addition, the WebView component for displaying web content has been updated to version 91.x and the update includes a number of bug fixes. In addition, support for Fast Pair has been integrated, which enables fast connection to other devices via Bluetooth Low Energy.

These are only small steps and the updates are currently only about every six months. But progress is being made and it has been known for some time that Google is working on a new operating system for this product category. That would explain why it never got past Android 8.1 Oreo. It is quite possible that there will soon be initial information about the comeback as a consumer product.

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