Google Photos: Rolling out new snippets section, automatic highlight stills from videos

With Google Photos, it is very easy to store all images and videos in the cloud and to find them again quickly thanks to the powerful search function and automatic classification. Now a new category with the title “Snippets” appears for many users, which is still empty for the vast majority. It is already known what will be found there very soon.

The Google Photos algorithms are very good at recognizing highlights in the user’s large image database and using them to create animations, photo books, collages, short videos, or flashbacks in story format. Another creation will be added shortly, namely the “Snippets”. These already appear in the search function for some users (see screenshots), but in most cases, they deliver an empty result page.

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At least one user already has content there so we know what it is about. Snippets are simply still images taken from a video. They are designed to capture the best moments of a video and are automatically selected by the algorithms. It remains to be seen how useful this is in comparison to the animations created from a video.

So far, the recordings are not supposed to be convincing and seem more random than extraordinary, but that can still change. Personally, I couldn’t think of any real reason to create a single highlight photo from a video. There is often a good reason for recording a video instead of a photo. But maybe one or the other will find it very useful.

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