Steam March 2022 hardware survey released

Steam released the software and hardware survey data for March 2022, and some important hardware changes occurred in March. In terms of CPU, the share of 6-core CPU exceeded 4-core CPU for the first time, reaching 34.22%, marking another popularization of computer game hardware to higher configuration. Before that, the proportion of 4-core CPUs reached 41.61%, and the current proportion is 33.74%.

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In terms of graphics cards, the NVIDIA RTX 2060 finally entered the top three, surpassing the GTX 1050 Ti, which had been at the forefront before. The top-ranked GTX 1060 gained another share of 8.18%.

Looking at system software information, Windows 10 64-bit version still dominated in March, accounting for 77.34%, but down 1.2% month-on-month; Windows 11 accounted for 17.44%, up 1.26% month-on-month.

The above are some of the more important information points in the latest survey data. For the complete data of the March hardware survey.

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