Google app reveals new replacement for Snapshot

Google has new plans for the Google app of the same name. First users will see a new fourth tab. At least on iOS, a new fourth tab has now appeared in the Google app. It takes you to the notifications section for the topics that interest you. In the Android app, the fourth button was previously intended for the snapshot function, which Google has discontinued in recent weeks.

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In this tab, we will probably see a wide variety of content from the web that has been selected based on our interests and that Google knows about us. It’s very similar to the Discover feed. Nevertheless, there seems to be a clear difference in the Discover feed.

For this tab, Google seems to be more focused on which topics we’ve actively pressed the follow button on. For example when searching for our favorite team. For some time now there has been a button in the form of a bell to actively follow certain topics. For the Google app, the area now follows where we can find content on these topics.

The new Notifications tab first appeared in the Google app for iOS. I would expect to see that in the Android version soon as well.

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