R Star May have removed Phobic content from GTA 5 next edition

Rockstar appears to have removed some of the jokes that appeared in GTA5’s PS5 and Xbox Series X versions that were previously considered “transphobic” by community players. For the first time on Reddit, users noticed that the “Captain Spacetoy Intersteller” transgender doll, which had previously hung in the office, was now replaced by another action doll.

In the PS4 version, the phrase “Interchangeablegenitalia” (interchangeable genitalia) can be seen at the bottom of the doll. The PS5 version of the game removed the doll and designed other content to make the deletion less obvious.

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Rockstar also disabled certain NPC characters from appearing in certain in-game areas, such as the “Drag Queen” model, which appeared outside the in-game club Cockatoos.

KirstyCloud, a member of the Rockstar Games community, noted on Twitter that while the models still exist in the game’s director mode, the characters’ dialogues have been removed.

Last year, Out Making Games issued an open letter to Rockstar Games asking the developer to rethink the various transgender fear elements that have existed in the game since GTA5 was first released in 2013.

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