The redesigned Apple Maps is now expanding to the German and Singapore markets

Apple has expanded its updated Apple Maps to Germany and Singapore, which provides more detailed road coverage, improved navigation, 3D landmarks, views of parks, buildings, airports, shopping malls and a Look Around feature.

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According to Justin O’Beirne, a lover of Apple Maps, this is the 14th time Apple has expanded the new Map data since it publicly released it in September 2018. Germany and Singapore were the 12th and 13th countries to receive Apple’s new Maps data, while Singapore was the first in Asia.

According to O’Beirne, Apple’s new maps now covers 18.4 percent of The Earth’s land area and 8.5 percent of the world’s population (about 673 million globally). This is after nearly 4 years of expansion and nearly 8 years of data collection. According to Apple’s expansion model, the next upgrade is likely to be in France and Monaco.

Apple’s redesigned maps were first introduced in iOS 12, and since then, the Cupertino-based company has struggled to expand them. The updated Maps app provides faster, more accurate navigation and more detailed views of roads, buildings, malls, sports fields, swimming pools, sidewalks, water bodies, and more.

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