Smart Home: Google Assistant brings fitness values ​​from Fitbit and Google Fit to Nest Hub Smart Displays

With the two ecosystems Google Fit and Fitbit, Google has two platforms in its portfolio that can store various vital signs, count steps, track sports activities and do other things. Access from other products has hardly been possible so far, but that will change shortly: The Google Assistant will be able to display the “activity readings” of the two platforms on smart displays.

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There was a time when Google Fit was available as both a smartphone app and a web version, but the latter is long gone and forgotten. But very soon, the values ​​recorded by Google Fit and Fitbit should be available via Google Assistant and displayed on smart displays. It is not yet known exactly what this will look like and there is also no official announcement, but the corresponding support article is already available:

Activity metrics recorded by Google Fit or Fitbit (such as steps and calories burned) can be viewed on the Nest display.
Step 1: Link Fitness Account

  1. Open Google Home   and then tap your profile at the top  and then Assistant Settings  and then Wellness.
  2. Tap  Activity and then  select either  Google Fit or  Fitbit tap  and then Connect.

Step 2: Enable Personal Results

  1. Open Google Home   and then select your Nest Hub  and then Settings.
  2. Tap  Recognition and Share  and then Recognition and Personalization.
  3. Turn on the option “Allow personal results” and then tap  Always show proactively.

Announcement and rollout are likely to follow soon. This new feature shows us that Google Fit will probably continue to exist as a platform, which was not necessarily to be expected with the focus on Fitbit.

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