Apex Legends Mobile is available on Android and iOS

After months of previews and soft launches in the first countries, Apex Legends Mobile is officially available in all markets, starting this morning. Respawn’s battle royale can therefore be officially downloaded on Android and iOS directly from the respective stores, even if it is not yet shown in the search results on the App Store. In any case, if you have difficulty finding it, at the end of the article you will find all the direct links you need.

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Developed specifically with mobile platforms in mind, this version of Apex Legends does not feature cross-play with the edition available on PC and console, however, it does allow Android and iOS users to challenge each other.

The interface is therefore optimized for the touch screen, but Respawn has immediately included support for external controllers as well, warning however that this is not yet fully implemented and therefore is not the final one (the same game menu indicates the item “Controller v1.0” just to warn us that this is the first implementation).

Control system aside, Apex Legends Mobile aims to reproduce the same gaming experience offered by the original title, but this time in pocket format. The game is already having a good success in the markets in which it was made available in advance, both due to the quality of the proposal and the presence of an excellent quality graphics sector, able to return a very pleasant glance too. on mid-range terminals.

The mobile version offers all the features and game modes of the original, including Arena and Battle Royale, to which it adds two new features. The first concerns the Deathmatch mode, which allows you to play 6 v 6 games in reduced versions of the classic maps, with the possibility of modifying some options such as the re-entry mode. The second novelty concerns the gameplay in the strict sense since Apex Legends Mobile also allows you to set the third-person camera in addition to the classic first-person view.

Obviously, the game is free to play with the classic cosmetic app purchases and the traditional battle pass that accompanies the players over the different seasons. If you want to try this version of the famous battle royale, you just have to consult the links just below.

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