All the details so far: A closer look at the new Google Pixel tablet

Google has had an extremely unusual event. A few new Pixel devices have only been announced, and almost nothing has been revealed about the new Pixel Tablet. Nevertheless, we can see and perceive a few details based on the first image material. We took another close look and broke down the image material available to date into a few individual sequences.

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The single main camera, docking PINs

As you can see from the pictures, the Pixel Tablet doesn’t exactly look like a high-end device. It looks quite thick, but the single main camera is hidden deep in the device. There is no fingerprint sensor, at least none is visible. There could be one built into the fairly large power button, which is in the top-right corner in landscape mode. Google could also offer face unlock.

On the back, we see four large PINs below the Google logo. Therefore, a docking station or a keyboard dock might be a good idea. USB-C is also available to charge the Pixel Tablet at any time via cable.

Many speakers speak for a multimedia tablet

What the first footage also reveals to us are probably at least three microphones. Two on the side of the power button where the volume rocker sits, another on the left near the camera. If you hold the Pixel Tablet in landscape mode, you have two slots on the right and two slots on the left. With a bit of luck, there will be four speakers in all.

The most helpful tablet in the world?

The overall rather thick display bezels certainly allow the Pixel Tablet to be held comfortably in the hand. The back looks like some kind of composite material in the first few pics that makes it lighter. Google promises the “most helpful tablet in the world” and is more likely to focus on Google Tensor and Android software rather than thick specs.

In 2023 the Google Pixel tablet will come. There is still a lot that can be done before then, also in terms of the look of the device. What I find most exciting: Is it perhaps the mix of tablet and smart speaker that was going through the rumor mill recently?

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