Edge browser Drop new feature test: save and share files or notes across devices

According to the latest reports, some people worry that Microsoft will be in trouble because of Chromium Edge’s unpopular new features, such as Skype Meet Now integration or the “buy now, pay later” feature. Meanwhile, Microsoft is working on more useful features for the Windows 11 Edge browser.

One of these features is “Drop,” which is similar to Telegram’s saved messages. Telegram’s Saved Messages feature allows forwarding and saving text or media messages, and Microsoft Edge’s Drop allows for storing files and notes so they can be accessed from anywhere.

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While browsing the web, do you want to save a specific file and access it on other devices without transferring it manually? Or are you having trouble saving important details like notes or schedules? You can easily solve these problems with Microsoft Edge’s Drop, which lets you save files or notes in OneDrive.

“Drop” is a dedicated hub that lets you drag and drop files and access them using Microsoft Edge on other devices. Various types of files can be transferred as long as the device has Microsoft Edge and a Microsoft account. The easiest way to access shared files is through the browser itself.

Microsoft Edge Drop uses OneDrive, and you can also view those files or notes directly in the cloud storage platform.

Unlike Telegram’s saved messages, Edge Drop doesn’t offer unlimited resources, it’s tied to the user’s OneDrive. In other words, if you want to save and share files with Edge, you need to take up storage space in OneDrive.

This feature is rolling out in Microsoft Edge Canary version 104, and users can enable or disable it via Settings > Appearance.

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